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Panther Strategies offers one of the most extraordinary range of products on the market. Rare strategic metals are highly valued by many industrial industries that require these metals to make their products and our rare investment diamonds and exclusive branded Panther gold and silver bars and coins are characterized by high quality workmanship.

Panther Strategies assists in the acquisition, shipping, and storage of these products. Basically, we provide our members the opportunity to convert their devaluing cash into the physical ownership of precious metals, rare investment diamonds and some of the most globally sought after rare strategic metals. The metals are stored privately in ultra-secure vaults in tax-free zones.

The producers and suppliers of our precious metals bars and coins are all listed on the London Bullion Association Market (LBMA), which is a guarantee for production and supply stability.

In addition to providing these real property assets, we offer the education and community to assist in making the most educated decision for your personal and financial protection with our exclusive Atlas Forge subscription-based newsletter. It’s critical in today’s world to have a network of vetted professionals in your corner. Members learn from trusted, knowledgeable professionals who are well-respected in their chosen industry.

Our partners are well chosen and established. Our strategic metals suppliers are the dominant leading distributors of technology and rare earth metals within the industry. Our precious metals mint is the second largest in the USA. Our investment diamonds suppliers are some of the most sought after wholesalers in the world and we’ve eliminated the middleman to give our members the best possible pricing.
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The SSL encryption protocol has been established as the market standard for data over the Internet and is continuously being developed. Our privacy policy in full, see "Privacy Policy” in the footer of our website.

Click on the "Registration” tab in the navigation bar at the top of this website and fill out the registration form. Since we have a referral program, you need to have the username of the member who recommended you to this site. If you do not have their username, then speak with the person who recommended you. When filling out the registration form you will select your username and password and create your account. Now you can log in.
As a Panther Club Member, you will have access to exclusive promotions on real property products as well as be able to attend member-only conferences held around the world at luxury locations, where some of our vetted professionals from different industries will be in attendance. You will receive the ability to earn residual income while growing your portfolio of real property products and can use that income towards your product purchases. You also receive a personal retail website, personal business management software, personalized business tools, 24/7 recorded training, hosted webinar’s, printable marketing material, downloadable powerpoint presentation and the ability to earn in all 6 different ways within the Panther Strategies Rewards Plan once qualified. But most important of all, you receive our flagship Atlas Forge Subscription Membership that will give you access to our most vetted and experienced wealth professionals where you will learn how to not only protect and safeguard your personal assets but also profit from them with monthly webinars and regular updates.