About Panther Strategies


About Panther Strategies

Panther Strategies was born from our own desires to save and protect our wealth. Both the founders, Andy and Nicole have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars visiting numerous countries and jurisdictions learning how to become a global entity. We believe that worldwide diversification allows us not only to survive but to thrive. That includes all of our real asset products, our Atlas Forge education and entrepreneurship. And we want to share that knowledge and experience with you so you can save time and thousands of dollars.

We found out from many people we met in our travels that they were interested in diversifying their finances and their lifestyle, and they realized it was a wise option but just didn’t know how to do it or who to contact. These types of trusted professionals are hard to find. The good ones anyways. We came across a few people who told us stories about how they were deceived by fraudulent ‘professionals’ and it just cost them not only more money, but more time to start over again.

It was these stories that we heard along our journey of diversification that made us realize good, quality information on how to diversify your life and your finances is disorganized and difficult to implement without knowing what to do first and why.

We feel there is a vital need in the market for this type of education and platform so that you can save time, expense and the headaches of finding solutions on your own. We’ve built up a network of vetted experts within their respective industry. Some of them are the very same professionals we’ve used and are currently using.

Whether you’re looking for ways to protect your assets in any economy or you want to build wealth helping others, Panther Strategies provides the tools, systems, roadmap, training, products, and services to exceed your expectations.

The team at Panther Strategies are proven business leaders with experience in precious and strategic metals, logistics, privacy and security, diamonds, wealth asset protection and management, network and online marketing, estate planning, digital assets, residency and citizenship, international banking and companies, tax mitigation and more.

Andy and Nicole have internationalized and diversified across borders all over the world. So we don’t just teach these methods, we believe in and have used them ourselves.

We invite you to join our growing family of international entities, either as a customer or a member, and discover what opportunities the global economy has for wealth protection and growth.

Mission statement

Our mission is to...

Provide the education and tools necessary for individuals to obtain comfort, peace of mind, and security of their family’s life and assets through financial and personal preparation, real physical assets, and international diversification.

And to create a proven pathway for ambitious, high integrity entrepreneurs for developing and using leadership, sales, and organizational skills to build real wealth, using a proven marketing system to assist themselves and others in becoming global entities.