Real Assets Education



If you want to protect your financial future from inflation, your family from disaster, and your lifestyle from collapsing, whether you already have assets to protect, or you’re building (or rebuilding from scratch), the information found within our Atlas Forge Subscription is vital.

As the financial landscape of the world becomes more complex, more and more people are trying to make ends meet, build the lifestyle of their dreams, and keep what they’ve worked hard their entire lives to produce. If you’ve ever wandered the vast landscape of savings, asset protection, wealth management, other financial markets, you’re not alone. Today, more than ever, it’s become almost impossible to uncover all the nuances of building, protecting, and keeping your wealth.

Today, it’s critical you secure a network of vetted professionals in your corner. Real experts, ready to answer any question about diversification, globalization, real property, digital assets (cryptocurrency), precious and strategic metals, trusts and more. A select few have known the secrets to keeping wealth for centuries. They’ve kept them private for themselves.

Researching specific details might take months or years to figure out by yourself. And would likely cost thousands of dollars. Only to and yourself on the wrong side of someone lacking experience, or worse, a con artist who’s only interest is taking your money.

While there’s plenty of lawyers offering advice on topics like tax reduction, second passports, international precious metals, real property and more, it’s almost impossible to know if they’ve been vetted. Or if they have truly been privy to the secrets of the affluent.

Remember, while proven strategies to reduce taxes, diversify income, protect your assets, hedge against inflation, and build the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of to thrive, you need proper guidance every step of the way to get it done right. But with the right guidance; guidance that is skilled, professional and vetted, asset protection and growth is not only possible, it’s almost guaranteed. For whether you’re building a better life for your family from the ground up or you’re preserving assets you already own, you want to ensure your spending power is the same or better 10 years from now. That is the key!

Training, mentorship, and access to a network of vetted professionals is what will get you there.

Whether you’re a multi-millionaire who already owns gold, silver, cryptocurrency and are looking at options for protecting your real property or you’re feeling exposed because you’ve tied most of your savings to your 401K and / or cash, or you’re just starting out, or starting over. We’ve been there…

We’ve had our share of successes and failures along the way. We’ve built and lost businesses, been taken advantage of by less than scrupulous lawyers, business owners, promoters, and others. We’ve been poor and been wealthy.

What the founders of Panther Strategies have in common is we’ve recognized the need for global diversification. And built a network of professionals to help get us there.

Our stories may not be important to you. But what our stories and experiences prove is with the right information, anyone can be successful at global diversification, real property ownership, tax reduction, and asset protection.

As you know by now, we created Panther Strategies to give you the products and the education to become a better steward of your wealth and make more informed decisions for your future legacy.
It’s clear, having all your financial eggs in one country is a recipe for disaster. You lose control over your own future. The key to a successful financial future is owning and controlling real property and spreading your wealth and your life beyond your own borders.

But that path can be worrisome and stressful without support.

Atlas Forge is the tool we wish we had when we started, and will hand you the training and guidance for total confidence on a silver platter. It will save you many of the very expensive lessons we’ve learned along the way.

The Atlas Forge network of professionals includes the best and brightest in real property such as precious and strategic metals, trust and business law, international real estate, financial management and asset protection, internationalization, vaulting and storage solutions, bitcoin and cryptocurrency and more.

These are not wanna be's or newcomers, but real leaders and innovators in their respective fields. When you join Atlas Forge, they’ll not only offer the training and mentorship you need to understand your specific situation, they’ll hand you the keys to the kingdom, guiding you confidently down the path to whatever lifestyle you want for you and your loved ones. And you’ll steer clear of the thorns, pitfalls, and traps along the way, saving you years of time, and tens of thousands of dollars.

• Learn the exact roadmap you need to follow to crush inflation and increase the buying power of your savings so your future life is better than you imagined.
• Avoid unscrupulous promoters by discerning truth from fiction and leaving more savings available for you.
• Not only discover, but put digital assets (cryptocurrency) in your own wallet so you can trust the only bank you can ever rely on, yourself.
• Build up a nest egg of gold, silver and other precious metals, and avoid the “paper scam” other investors are being burned on daily.
• Sleep well at night knowing you spread your assets globally so no matter where you are, or what happens in any country you’re completely safe and secure.
• Enjoy the ability to talk intelligently and knowledgeably about financial topics such as asset protection, wealth management, global diversification and more.
• Save years on the learning curve needed to discover all this data, giving you back decades of your life.
• Gain the respect of your family because you’re expertly looking out for their best financial futures.
• Understand the different ways to buy gold and silver, and the one trap you need to avoid at ALL costs.
• Why industrial strategic metals should be added to your portfolio.
• Reduce your tax burden in a ways IRS auditors will beg to learn your completely legal secrets.
• Bulletproof your IRA and 401K so you’ll never worry about loss, confiscation or collapse ever again.

Imagine a future where you no longer have to worry about your family living the life they desire. You’ll never fear inflation, confiscation, capital controls, or economic downturn because you’ve adequately prepared your family and your finances. Feel the pride of knowing you’re respected and admired by those you care about because you took responsibility for your own life, instead of leaving it in the hands of others.