Precious Metals


Protect Your Quality of Life with the Real Value of Precious Metals

Gold and Silver since biblical times have been the ultimate store of value. The gold coins that wealthy Roman families buried under their homes, during the collapse of the Roman Empire, are still valuable today, and arguably, still worth about as much now as they were then. This stability also allows gold to be used as a standard of value for pricing and long-term contracts, such as loans or employment agreements. Precious Metals offered by Panther Strategies are the perfect financial instrument to hedge and insure against declining purchasing power of at currencies around the world.

As you may know, every major currency in the world is based on the fiat model. Fiat currency means a method of exchange that’s not backed by any thing real like gold, silver or other assets. The fiat model, as has been proven throughout history, is doomed to fail and even if it wasn’t, it’s designed to hurt you.

Here’s Why…

Fiat currency needs inflation to survive. For you that means any savings you keep in cash decline daily because as new money is printed, cash already in circulation loses purchasing power. Money is printed to pay for entitlements and other government spending and to artificially support the stock market.

But inflation is only the start. Massive debt, stock market volatility and ultimately a currency collapse are the natural progression of every fiat currency that has ever existed.

As worldwide debt and currency wars escalate, the best financial insurance one can possess is gold and silver.

For over 5000 years, gold and other precious metals have kept their purchasing power for its owners because they are real property. Remember, fiat currency is based on perception and a promise so as more is created its purchasing power declines over time. Gold and silver are real property with limited supply, so while price may change from day to day, your purchasing power is maintained.

We at Panther Strategies feel precious metals are an integral part of diversification. Whether that means physical possession or duty-free vaulting in jurisdictions outside your place of citizenship for ultimate diversification strategies.

The future of precious metals as a money and as a store of value has never been better or more important when looking at the global depression we are facing now. In the last 10 years, the world has accumulated more debt than all other civilizations combined since the beginning of time.

As the war on cash intensives, the monetary system you grew up with is in grave danger.

But Here’s the Good News…

We specially designed Panther Strategies to reduce these risks.

The world is about to experience the greatest monetary improvement in history. So no matter what happens in the world: depressions, inflation, deflation, war; know that Panther Strategies has a solution for that and we will not only help you survive but thrive in what we believe will be the most challenging decade or two of our lives.


Panther Strategies work’s directly with Scottsdale Mint LLLP, the second largest mint in the USA, to make sure you receive outstanding quality, craftsmanship and remarkable value. Scottsdale Mint manufactures some of the most exceptional bullion products available to consumers today.

As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Scottsdale Mint is recognized for its quality, consistency and innovation within the global precious metals community. Investors in precious metals demand the finest and the Scottsdale hallmark provides the name and backing for peace of mind with a 100% guarantee of authenticity, purity and weight.


A portion of Scottdale’s silver bullion has been recovered from the photography and manufacturing industry. This award-winning recycling process refines the highest purity materials to a final percentage of .999 or greater which meets or exceeds ASTM purity standards. Every ounce recycled saves the energy and environmental impact of mining new metal. When you buy Panther Strategies Silver (manufactured at Scottsdale Mint), you are doing your part to support environmentally responsible business.

Introducing Certi-Lock®

Authentication for Your Precious Metals is here…

What is Certi-Lock®?


Certi-Lock® is a comprehensive, interactive precious metals verification system, designed to give consumers confidence in the authenticity of their gold and silver products.
Tamper Evident
Sealed from the factory with a special frangible material that visually changes appearance when tampered with.
Smartphone App
Download the FREE smartphone app to scan and access 2 levels of verification of your precious metal.
Encrypted Barcode
Hidden layers of data are stored in the encrypted barcode that can only be read by the phone app.
Product Photographs
Consumers have secured access to pictures of their product taken at the time it was sealed through the free Certi-Lock® app, allowing for a visual match of the actual product in their hands.
Holographic Material
The card is made with a high-end custom holographic foil.
Synthetic DNA
Embedded in each Certi-Lock® card is a synthetic DNA that can be verified by an authorized dealer with a special on-site electronic device. Not a surface scan and picture match like other products, Certi-Lock® has actual DNA material that can be detected by our scanner.