Giving Back


Giving Back

Panther Strategies was created out of a genuine concern for helping individuals worldwide protect and grow their assets under any economic environment. But what’s the point of protecting wealth if we aren’t helping the most in need in our society, innocent children and animals.

Panther Strategies is proud to be a sponsor of Save the Children and Big Cat Rescue, with a percentage of profits going directly to supporting whichever amazing and critical cause you choose.

Save the Children invests in childhood – every day, in times of crisis and for our future.

Save the Children has grown to a worldwide organization and last year helped 185 million children in more than 120 countries. Programs include food aid, education, health care, and economic development programs.

While Save the Children may be best known for its child sponsorship programs around the world, it has several active programs in the United States, including:

  1. After-school programs for more than 125,000 children
  2. Eye care services and glasses to Navajo and Hopi children in New Mexico and Arizona
  3. A Family Day Care Network that trains women to start in-home child care centers and offers referrals to parents seeking child care

According to their website, 87% of all funds donated to Save the Children go directly to helping children, with only 5% going to administration and 8% to fund raising. This was a key statistic for us choosing to support them.

Save the Children impacts 185 million children worldwide in times of natural disaster, war, famine, poverty and more. For more information, go to

Big Cat Rescue is one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats.

They are home to about 80+ lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

They're also active in legislation to end the trade of these majestic animals.

Because their tour income covers all administration costs, 100% of donated funds go directly to helping, feeding, and treating the cats in their care.

Their mission statement reads: Big Cat Rescue’s mission is to provide the best home we can for the cats in our care, end abuse of big cats in captivity and prevent extinction of big cats in the wild.

For more information, go to