Digital Assets

Take charge of your own finances

Digital Assets or Digital Currency is the Fastest Growing, Globally Distributed Payment Network and Simply Another Spoke on the Wheel of Asset Diversification.

Money is changing. Are you ready?

This is all about a new breakthrough discovery in an alternative financial system that is just beginning. Many have not heard about it at all and some have heard the name but don’t know what it is. Along with other physical assets such as gold, diversifying into digital assets is a great financial instrument to hedge against inflation and preserve your wealth.

It’s quite possible that there will be a collapse of the current financial system in perhaps just a few short years. At the end of the day, no one can predict exactly when it’s going to happen but when you look at all the debt in the world, it just isn’t sustainable. For example, the US government is $20 trillion dollars in debt and when you add in liabilities it’s $100 trillion. When the financial collapse does happen, it will be worse than the Great Depression and will be something people talk about for centuries. Many people will be hurt financially if they're not prepared. Owning real assets in multiple forms is the only way to protect yourself.

Digital Assets are backed in part by the power and electricity needed to produce it, in addition to the math and cryptography which are the basis of it’s value compared with fiat paper dollars and gold. We live in the digital age already. Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone and internet access now. With your smartphone, you can have your very own bank account and can transfer money anywhere in the world very inexpensively almost instantly.

When you own your own bank and deposit your money into it, you will actually now own and control your own money. No one else can touch it or take it away or tell you how much you can access.

Having your own digital bank allows you to build real wealth because a limited, fixed supply lets you profit from the unfair inflation tax. What if you could not only profit but truly save? What if you could keep your finances private from the prying eyes of competitors, criminals, government and anyone else trying to get their hands on it (lawsuits, etc.) but still access it anywhere you travel worldwide at the touch of a button because now you can have all of this thanks to a new cutting-edge technology. Many of the ultra-wealthy have known about this technology for years and not only use it but have also massively proted from it. Billionaires such as Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Mike Novogratz.

This is the first improvement in money in over 5,000 years. It’s called Blockchain and even the banks and governments all around the world have recently started looking at how they can integrate it into their antiquated, outdated systems. The word ‘Blockchain’ can be synonymous with the word trust. It’s one of the few things in this world that can be trusted.

Just like the internet has changed the world, we believe so will Blockchain, which is the engine behind Bitcoin, the world’s first digital or cryptocurrency created in 2009. The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is increasing. This will be a sector all on it’s own very soon. It’s now more important than ever for investors to understand this market.

If you’ve ever used Bitcoin in day to day transactions, you will understand immediately why it’s so amazing. Just imagine, if Bitcoin ends up being used as a money everywhere in the world just like the US dollar is, then when you do the calculations, Bitcoin will be worth approximately $1 million dollars per coin.

What are the biggest advantages of owning Digital Assets?

  • Legally be your own private bank, manage and control your own finances, unlike a bank.
  • Don’t have to ask anyone for permission to use it or send it.
  • Receive or send any amount of money from 0.01 to multiple millions in one transaction.
  • Very inexpensive (compared to a wire transfer fee).
  • Fastest way to send or receive money, almost instantaneous – minutes not days.
  • Funds can’t be frozen or seized.
  • More convenient – send or receive money on your smartphone or computer at any time of the day or night.
  • Inflation-proof asset.
  • Secured by mathematics and cryptography.
  • Access your money anywhere in the world, instantly.

We will show you:

  • Why there’s never been a more critical time in history to look at alternatives to the traditional banking system.
  • What are the best and safest bitcoin wallets to use.
  • How to choose an exchange and the one critical evaluation you can’t skip.
  • What additional step is needed if you hold many bitcoins as opposed to just a handful.
  • Public and private keys and what you should never do with one of them.
  • What deep cold storage is and why it’s many times safer than the world’s most secure bank.
  • The cheap €80 device that is perfect for the safety of your Bitcoin.
  • How to gain Bitcoin 100% privately.
  • How you can receive a worldwide debit card that attaches to your private bank and allows you to purchase everyday goods and services.
  • Why being your own bank can be safer than traditional banks.
  • How you can profit from this new financial Blockchain technology.

When you become an Active Club Member in Panther Strategies, you will receive all of the above education in our Atlas Forge Digital Assets Course showing you how to get started, open your bank account, make your first purchase, and secure your accounts properly so you don’t lose your savings.

We offer the smartest way to cryptocurrency education and a training platform that teaches people like yourself, both experienced and totally new, to the new world of digital currencies. Everything you need to know about how to get started, how to buy it, how to use it, how to safely store it, and of course, how to make money with it.

It is the simplest path with step-by-step video tutorials to learn everything there is about this exciting new world of digital money yet safeguards you from hackers, and counterfeiters as well as shows you how to avoid some pitfalls when you start using this new technology. With this new technology, you will be your own bank so only YOU are responsible for protecting your wealth. If you lose your coins, you lose your money and you will never get it back. People have thrown out old laptops, forgotten their passwords, not implemented proper security features that has compromised the security of their account that leads to hackers accessing your coins.

Bitcoin itself is secure, it’s the systems or exchanges that aren’t and there are ways you can secure these with a few simple and easy steps. For anyone who is new to this technology, there is a learning curve and things you should be cautious of so you don’t lose your savings. We have step by step videos that literally walk you through how to do this so you can follow along. When you have the right instructions and know what to do, you’ll see how easy it is!