Real Protection for Real Property

Protect your Gold, Silver, Strategic Metals and Other Assets with Panther Strategies
Delivery and Vaulting Options

Asset Protection Requires Real World Strategies

You already know in these volatile times, the best way to protect your wealth is with real property such as gold, silver and rare strategic metals.

But it’s not enough to have those tools in your arsenal. Theft, confiscation, damage from fire and flood, petty lawsuits and more all put your assets at risk if you don’t put strategies in place to protect them.

Some assets you want to keep with you, in your home, office, or safety deposit box. While other assets are more easily managed in bonded, secured warehouses and vaults.
Though most people don’t understand the differences or which option to choose.

Panther Strategies Can Help

We can help you decide whether home delivery makes the most sense. Or whether
your new asset protection tools should be kept secure for you in a vault or secure

Home & Office Delivery

If you decide to deliver your precious metals to your home, office or safety deposit box, we’ll handle the logistics for you. From secure, insured transport to teaching you the steps you should take to protect your assets, you’ll never worry you’re making the wrong choice. 

We can facilitate shipment to almost any country in the world.

Offsite International and Domestic Vaults and Storage

On the other hand, when you want storage handled fully for you, like we recommend for strategic metals, some of your precious metals and diamonds, we have bonded secure warehouses and bank level secure vaults available in Singapore, New Zealand, Cayman Islands and Germany to protect your wealth 24 hours per day. Your assets will be fully aggregated, segregated, and insured so you can sleep at night knowing they are safe and available when you need them.

Bank Level Secure Vaults

Precious metals like gold and silver demand the utmost in protection from theft, fire and vandalism. Our bank level secure vaulting facilities have onsite security, offsite monitoring, fireproof, theft proof, and water proof storage.

Our vaults, because of the level of security offered, allow you to insure your gold, silver and other assets fully against any type of loss. We only charge an annual 1% on the value of your metals for logistics and insurance.

Secure Storage

For bulky, industrial assets like strategic metals, the bank level security of vaults isn’t required. For these assets, we recommend our secure 3-story warehouse in Germany. These facilities still provide the utmost in security, but are designed more as a warehouse than a vault. They have 24 hour security and your assets are fully insured against theft, fire and embezzlement.

There is no VAT (value-added tax) to be paid on the metals as long as being stored in our customs warehouse. We charge an annual 2% on the actual value of the invested products for logistics and insurance.

Domestic and International

Depending on your asset protection goals and diversification, where you store your assets matters. We have options available in Singapore, New Zealand, the Cayman Islands and Germany. Because we believe diversification, both in asset classes and location is critical, we will help you determine the best locations to fit your needs.

Panther strategies is here to help you protect and preserve your families well being. And that includes delivery, vaulting and storage of your diamonds, precious metals, strategic metals and other assets.